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Heres Wine by Sona Shaboyan

 From the "Old Wine World" we are committed to deliver to you wines from Armenia. An exclusive assortment of white wines, rosé wines, red wines, sparkling wines and champagne leaving nothing to be desired. Meet our featured Armenian Wineries:

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I am a pianist. I live in Switzerland, but I am from Armenia, the home of many exceptional varieties of grapes (Areni, Voskehat, Kakhet, Haghtanak...), the origin of many fine Armenian wines. According to a well-known legend, Noah planted the first grapevines in Armenia. Read more...

World's oldest Wine

Armenia - According to the bible is the cradle of viticulture and winemaking. The Armenian Wine Culture is looking back on 6100 years of heritage. Enjoy the stories around the first wineries in the world. Read more



Special Conditions apply for Restaurants, Wine Lofts and Wine Bars. Heres Wine offers a great selection of Armenian Wines including White Dry Wines, Red Dry Wines, Rose Wines, Champagne and Blanc des Blancs. Special Sommeliers tasting selections on request.

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The next Heres Wine Tour to Armenia is in planning. The tour will include visits to wineries such as Trinity, Keush, Old Bridge, Kataro and Koor. Please, sign up to our newsletter for further notice or contact us directly.





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Our Wine Cellar for Wine Tastings is located at the Oberdorfstrasse 16E (Inner Court), 8001 Zurich (Switzerland)

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Vineyards Located Over 1800 Meters Above Sea Level

Enjoy Videos about the ancient and fantastic history of Armenian wine culture and the great journey of new wineries establishing a flourishing wine business.

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